Our Services

ChapterNext is the Columbo of pastor search and church staffing firms. If you are too young to catch that reference, here is a quick explanation. If you are looking for a church consultancy with a fancy web site or slick presentations or a posh corporate office or exorbitant fees or a predetermined process, ChapterNext is not for you.

But if you are looking for an effective down-to-earth, context specific, reasonably priced, biblically informed firm with a proven track record and motivated by love for Christ and His Church, then ChapterNext may be just what your are looking for.

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Consulting – Perhaps your congregation has a great vision but lacks a strategic plan. Or your congregation is coming out of a very difficult chapter in the life of your congregation. Or you are thinking about revamping your Sunday services. Or you are considering adding pastoral staff, merging with another congregation, establishing a new initiative, transitioning from a small congregation to a large or from a large to a small congregation. ChapterNext combines expert analysis born out of real life experience, anchored in a desperate dependence upon God as the true source of wisdom and understanding. Want to learn more? Reach out to us here.

Teaching – Looking for a speaker for your Sunday or mid-week services? Or for your leadership retreat or conference or seminar? As an Affiliate Professor at Northern Seminary, Sam teaches six courses on Christian worship, as well as several courses on Church History. Outside of the seminary, he typically covers topics such as the biblical foundations of worship, the spiritual disciplines, the church in a post-modern culture, the life cycle of the local church, and Christian marriage. Most recently, he led a pastor-spouse retreat on praying the psalms. Contact us to check availability.

Coaching – Professionals in many fields, even the best and brightest among us, employ the services of a coach. In recent years, pastors have begun to benefit from the services of a coach who, while having the pastor’s best interests in mind, seek to help the pastor develop his or her skill-set. Are you a pastor or church leader interested in personal and professional one-on-one coaching? If so, learn more about this service here.