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ChapterNext Launches “Congregational Wellness Survey”

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ChapterNext has developed a “Congregational Wellness Survey” to measure a congregation’s perception of its health. By measuring the vital systems of a congregation – including but not limited to worship, nurture, and  witness –  this tool allows the people in the pews to share their thoughts about the effectiveness of their congregation’s ministry. ChapterNext founder Sam Hamstra, Jr. and his associate Vanu Kantayya developed the “Congregational Wellness Survey” survey and have begun using it in the pastor search process.  The survey has...

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ChapterNext Partners with Acts3 Network!

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The friendship between Sam Hamstra, founder of ChapterNext, and John Armstrong, the founder of the Acts3 Network has led to a partnership between the two ministries.  The relationship was made official when the board of the Acts3 Network recognized ChapterNext as an “Associate Partner.”  As such, ChapterNext enjoys a “reciprocal, on-going relationship with ACT3 Network that provides synergy, friendship and mutual support in Christ’s mission.”  “Its’ great,” said Hamstra, “to have a friend like John. He has and will continue to be a...

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ChapterNext: One Year Later

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Last year, after about five years of dabbling in church consulting, in general, and in pastor search consulting, in particular, I stepped into this work full-time. Now, about one year later, I look back and thank the Lord for His unimaginable blessings and for allowing me to serve His bride in this way. In the past year I have had the privilege of serving thirteen congregations as Pastor Search Consultant or Interim Pastor or Vision Frame Church Consultant or Preacher. In the process I have traveled to Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin, as well as to the beautiful Central Valley of...

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New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

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It was a beautiful day to fellowship with the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. This vibrant and young congregation, led by co-pastors Dr. Leroy Mitchell and the Rev. G. Joseph Mitchell, gathers in a beautiful facility just blocks from the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. Rev. G. Joseph Mitchell (pictured on the right below), a 2012 graduate of  Northern Seminary, invited me to preach for the New Hope congregation. This church also includes one more 2012 graduate of the seminary, the Rev. David Seymour (pictured on the left below). God has been using him to disciple...

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Bethel Christian Reformed Church Builds Pastoral Team

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Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Lansing, IL, contracted the services of Sam Hamstra as a Search Consultant in the summer of 2011. Bethel Church is a healthy and influential congregation with an average worship attendance of over 700 strong.  Bethel Church partnered with Sam Hamstra, asking him to guide them as a Search Consultant. Together, they crafted a process whereby the Senior Pastor Cal Aardsma, the Search Team, and the Executive Committee (Lay Leadership Team) could walk along side one another with the objective of strengthening and expanding the pastoral team. The first addition...

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