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We Measure What We Value

Posted by on Jun 19, 2017 in Best Practices | 1 comment

We measure what we value and value what we measure. That is one of many takeaways from Counterinsurgency (New York: Oxford Press, 2010) by David Kilcullen. While the book is intended for “civilian and military students and practitioners of counterinsurgency,” I discovered several insights that may help leaders of the local church. Here and now I highlight this simple truth: what we measure reflects what we value. David Kilcullen writes: Organizations manage what they measure, and they measure what their leaders tell them to report on. Thus, one key way for a leadership team to shift an...

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Forming An Effective Search Team of Volunteers in Your Church

Posted by on Jun 13, 2017 in Best Practices | 2 comments

If God has called you to lead the local church, there will come a time when you believe it appropriate to form a committee or team to accomplish a particular objective. In preparation for that moment, here are four steps to creating an effective committee or team of volunteers. First, choose your chair person. Begin by selecting the person in your congregation who you believe would best lead the committee towards the completion of its task. Undoubtedly, this person will be a person of influence in the congregation, will be respected by the congregation, and will be gifted at guiding a team to...

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Three Pastor Search Team Potholes

Posted by on Mar 21, 2017 in Best Practices | 2 comments

It is pothole season in the Midwest, that time of the year when those driving cars best keep their eyes on the road so they may avoid major cavities waiting to dent one or more of wheels. And it’s always pothole season when a pastor search team begins its work. The road before the team includes many potholes they want to evade. Here are three. First, beware of the resume pothole. Resumes serve an important role in the search process but search teams review them looking for predetermined elements. As a result, they often overlook outstanding candidates who do not fit their limited...

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Your congregation a frontier church or immigrant church?

Posted by on Feb 23, 2017 in Best Practices | 0 comments

Throughout the history of Christianity, I have observed two models of church planting that, for the sake of this conversation, I will label Frontier & Immigrant. Typically, the Frontier model church plant is the fruit of an evangelist who, in obedience to the call of God, brings the Gospel to a new geographic area or to a specific unchurched group within a geographic area that is already churched. As a result of this work, individuals come to faith and form a fellowship of believers. This was the model employed by the apostle Paul who, during his missionary journeys, brought the Gospel to...

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Looking for a Coach?

Posted by on Feb 7, 2017 in Best Practices | 0 comments

The average pastoral tenure – regardless of position – is a mere three years. That’s the bad news.  The good news is, a quality search process can go a long way to ensuring your congregation’s next addition stays around for a lot longer. Over the last decade, ChapterNext has developed a reputation for sustainable search. Our process is reality based, detail driven, Gospel-based, and rigorous. By following a protocol of full disclosure and painstakingly aligning key values and goals, new leaders and congregations tend to “put down roots” with each other. Bottom line: when leaders...

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The Rise of the Pastor Search Firm

Posted by on Sep 10, 2015 in Best Practices | 1 comment

In a recent issue of the Chicago Tribune, one of the city’s daily newspapers, you will find an article by Ted Gregory entitled “Hunting heads and hearts for the Lord: Search firms take page from corporate book to match pastors with churches.” In this article, Gregory chronicles the rise of Pastor Search Firms during the first 15 years of the twenty-first century in America. He cites the growing number of American Protestant congregations seeking the help of individuals and companies specializing in assisting congregations in searches for their next pastors. As examples of pastor search...

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