Arlington, VA Church Seeks Worship Leader

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The Grace Community Church, located just outside of Washington, D.C. in Arlington, VA, has begun a nation-wide search for a Worship Leader. As the first meaningful touch point for the gathered community, the Worship Leader plays an essential role in the ministry of a church whose vision is to be a church for people who don’t go to church. Each week this gifted artist will be responsible for creating an inspiring portrait through words (both spoken and sung) which welcomes and invites those gathered to focus their hearts and voices on...

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A Servant’s Prayer

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Heavenly Father, creator of the universe, source of perfect love, to You belong all glory and praise. To you belong all things. In your bounteous love you have provided for us. You provide for our needs before we know that we have needs. You love us in our inadequacy. You offer us salvation in our unworthiness. You guide us in our blindness. You care for us when we are abandoned by all others. Too often I have failed you. I have held back in fear. I have ignored your call. I have run from my obligation to you, the Father. And yet, you...

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Pastors and congregations: Marriages made in heaven?

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The marriage between pastor and congregation can become a beautiful celebration of harmony, like a finely tuned orchestra. The pastor and the church’s leadership are on the same proverbial page, the worship service is exquisite and the various programs run like a clock. The congregation is growing spiritually and numerically, and the community is envious of that body of believers. Okay, that’s utopian. At minimum, it’s rare. More often than not, churches are content with the status quo, preaching is good, the church leadership gets along...

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ChapterNext Now International

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ChapterNext is now an international church consultancy through the addition of Keith Knight, the newest member of the ChapterNext Team. Keith, who lives in Guelph, Ontario, has held a life-long passion for the church and a more recent passion to “connect the right pastor to the right church.” He serves as the executive director of the Canadian Christian Business Federation, a national association of Christian business leaders who long to connect their faith with their vocation. He has served for six years as the stated clerk...

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A Relational or Attractional Approach to Reaching Out?

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As congregations determine how best to seek and save the lost, they often choose one of two models or a hybrid of both.  These types of approaches may be labeled “attractional” and “relational.” The attractional model hopes to attract people to Christ through programs, such as a Sunday morning service. Once in the doors of the church, the church invites its guests to take additional steps in their journeys. The relational model hopes that its members will attract people to Christ through genuine relationships with unchurched...

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Why A Pastor Search Firm

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In a short time, ChapterNext has become the leading Pastor Search Firm in the Chicagoland area and Great Lakes region. This past year alone, ChapterNext Founder Sam Hamstra walked alongside seven congregations searching for a new pastor, and assisted several other Search Teams. Perhaps your congregation has experienced a pastoral vacancy and is now considering a partnership with a Pastor Search firm. If so, someone in the congregation will surely ask, “Why a Pastor Search firm?” Here’s a short list of benefits identified by clients of...

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Connecting the Dots

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Connecting the Dots: An observation, a Gospel Reading, a pastoral experience, and a word from the fourth century. An Observation: Christianity is hurt more by the inconsistent behavior of Christians than the abhorrent behavior of non-Christians. Take, as one example, the number of professing Christians who refuse to seek reconciliation with fellow Christians, even fellowship Christians who are members of their nuclear families. Each Sunday, a brother and sister gather for worship with their respective congregations wherein they often find...

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Three Congregations – One Mission

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Three congregations  have come together on one mission: to reach the teenagers of their congregations and community with the love of Jesus Christ. The Federated Church of Sandwich, the United Church of Sandwich, and the Union Congregational church of Somonauk have embarked on a unique journey. In a remarkable statement of unity in Christ, these three congregations have agreed to call a Youth Director to serve the teenagers of the three congregations, as well as those in the community. As part of the discerning process, Chapter Next was...

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A Pastor Who Affirms But Doesn’t Agree With Every Jot or Tittle

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What is of more value to the local congregation? A pastor who wholeheartedly and unreservedly believes in, agrees with, and subscribes to the doctrines of a particular church and its denomination? Or a pastor who promises to affirm wholeheartedly and not publicly contradict the doctrines of a particular church and her denomination? Granted, a congregation would love both. But what if your congregations contemplates calling a pastor who is willing to affirm her doctrines but doesn’t agree with every doctrine? I suggest that, from the...

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Time for Your Church to Renew, Relaunch or Retire?

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Is it time for your church to renew, relaunch or retire? Congregations, like living organisms, experience cyclical and predictable seasons. In a manner of speaking, they are given birth in the spring, flourish in the summer, fade in the fall, and die in the winter. Well, not necessarily. While the living organisms of nature have been created by God, the church is indwelt by God the Spirit, the very Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the grave. And because of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, congregations need not die or retire....

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