"God provided Sam Hamstra as a gifted resource and guide for our search team."

See how ChapterNext can help you and your congregation turn the page.

About Us

Sam Hamstra is the founder and leader of ChapterNext, a Chicagoland-based consultancy dedicated to helping congregations open new chapters of dynamic and life-transforming ministry. Since 2007, Sam has been helping congregations turn the page so that they can begin writing new chapters of dynamic and life-transforming ministry. He can help you and your congregation as a pastor search consultant, preaching coach, conference speaker, and church consultant. Read More…

Our Services

ChapterNext is the Columbo of pastor search and church staffing firms. If you are too young to catch that reference, here is a quick explanation. If you are looking for a church consultancy with a fancy web site or slick presentations or a posh corporate office or exorbitant fees or a predetermined process, ChapterNext is Read More…


We Measure What We Value

We measure what we value and value what we measure. That is one of many takeaways from Counterinsurgency (New York: Oxford Press, 2010) by David Kilcullen. While the book is intended for “civilian and military students and practitioners of counterinsurgency,” I discovered several insights that may help leaders of the local church. Here and now Read More…

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